Thursday, July 29, 2010

I am sorry

I am sorry if the woman you crawled out of didn’t teach you manners,
always desiring and wanting what was never your to have.
Just acknowledge that despite your best efforts,
he wants me.

I am sorry if God didn’t consult with you.
Asking you if you wanted the same hair texture as mine.
You think this shit is Burger King and you can always have things your way?
Cause if that was the case, I too would have chosen the option that allowed me to super size my breast.
Yet you don’t see me attacking your amble breast because mine couldn’t measure up.
Or me hating on your beautiful purchased Korean human hair.

I am sorry if you never had the opportunity to master loyalty or trust.
For all you’ve ever known are rotten, hating girlfriends who would rather break you down than build you up.
While I have been fortunate enough to be surrounded by a group of amazing friends who watch my front, side and back without being told to.

I am sorry your ambition didn’t evolve past your first job,
Still clocking in and out of call centers,
the way men clock in and out of you on the weekend rotation.
I guess I can’t be mad at you for doing what you do best; picking up a phone and clocking in overtime on my name.

I am sorry my lucratively, luscious, large lips offend you.
I assure you, their purpose wasn’t to suck off the sad excuse you call your man.
But if that was my desire, trust me when I say, your name would be a distant memory on his lips.

I am sorry that despite your best efforts I don’t have dark skin sister complex.
Did you really think your fair skin, green eyes, freckles, or any other superficial traits you may have makes you cuter?

Especially when your ugly personality over masks that every single time.
Just between you and me, my face is one shade lighter than my black ass and I love it!

But more than anything, I am sorry you thought you could knock me down, in order to stand tall – BITCH did you really miss my 5’11 frame dripping in CONFIDENCE.

Just in case you did, I am resending the memo.

Hayat Magan
Copyright © 2010

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