Thursday, July 29, 2010

I am

I am the composite of many nations, cultures, people.
My Home is nowhere, and it is everywhere.

I am trapped by the boundaries of separate cultures,
And at the same time it is by this I am freed.

I can feel at home in a place where no one looks like me,
And feel estranged in a place where everyone does.

I am labeled as “different”, “strange”.
Yes; I am different.

Still; I am the same.
I am a part of two entirely different Worlds.
Loving both, belonging to neither.

The place where I was born could never be my “home-country”,
And the place where I am could never fully own me.

I am one, and I am the other,
Too opposite to be equal, too similar to be opposing,
There will always be another owner of My Heart.

Divided, so it seems- separated by the boundary of my distinct Worlds.

And when I am there, part of me will not be, and when I am here,
My Heart will be elsewhere.

I am a chameleon.

I have adapted, molded, into every situation that Life has thrown my way
World traveler, sophisticated, uncivilized.

Running barefoot, balancing on high-tops.
White or black beneath my skin.

Who am I?
I am neither and I am both.
I am a part of a whole, divided.
Could there but be a way to possess one World?

Mukhtar Mohamed
Copyright © 2010

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