Thursday, July 29, 2010

I fell in love to who she was, but hate what she turned out to

-- Check it, she knew about me way before I was even born
Homegirl had ties to my great great great grandfathers
Yeah she was old school, but that intrigued me greatly
I truly loved her to pieces, from the very first sight of her beauty
I remember asking myself repeatedly, is it even possible to be that pretty?
Could she have been a fallen xural ceyn?
She was so strong, educated and fought her battles independently with great strength
She was witty and clever, which always kept me interested
She was gorgeous, from top to bottom
She always rocked the natural look and he beauty was beyond the seven world wonders
I could swear, her and I were a match made in heaven
I'm sure Allah, took extra time and care while writing our destinies together
She was pure, never touched and not tainted with any filth
The stories about her past were beyond my imagination
It was understandable why her name was on the tip of every men's tongue
But our fairytale love came to a sad end and my heart still aches of it
It was back in '92, when our problems reached boiling points
She wasn't the same anymore, she totally flipped the script on me
She was robbed of her power, beauty, wealth and joy
I know i still love her because i get shivers when i hear the first syllables of her nomadic name "So.."
By the 2nd and 3rd, tears start to run down my face "Ma .. Li .."
And by the last, i swear i can hear my heart shatter "Aaa"
When i hear the beautiful anthem written after .. " Soomaaliyeey toosoo, Toosoo isku tiirsada ee, Hadba kiina taagdaranee, Taageera waligiinee.."
I fall into a comatose love sleep to which no one and nothing can wake me up
Except herself, her and her sweet voice with that southern dialect "Kac macaan, Kac"
Its been 18 years since our break up and if I had the opportunity to speak to her today, I'd tell her
" Don't worry macaanto, I'm not cheating on you for Canada, she's too cold half the time and moody the other, America is just too crazy for me and Europe, lets not even talk about her. But you, Somalia, you just perfect for me"

Somalia Ha noolato

Mabsud A
Copyright © 2010

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