Thursday, July 29, 2010

{Group poem 11 Part 1} Domestic Abuse [brothers version]

Let me make it short and succinct
Nonetheless sincere
None should live in fear
Nor should they despair
The four corners of the home are there to confine
Not hatred, abuse or violence rather
To build bonds and cultivate the future
To express and rest the soul from stresses of the outside
The four corners are not there to limit
Rather to calm and preserve the soul
The walls are not there to reflect the sound of violence
But a source of silence for the intimate moments
In short, make your home a ‘Home Sweet Home’!

Keeping silence
Holding me in place with violence
Keeping it for myself
Holding my head since I was twelve
Keeping hate locked away
Holding weakness over my head so I had to stay
Keeping me in suspense
Holding my hand with force, so intense
Keeping me alive
Holding my water to survive
Keeping the traffic moving while we fight
Holding my bruises up to the light
Keeping down, slapped in the face, can’t hear your voice
Holding up, can’t sense your sight, I had no choice
Keeping away from doing harm
Holding tight to your love and charm
Keeping love a mystery, our bond grows stronger
Holding out your temper, just a little bit longer
Keeping out of trouble
Holding back, I receive twice and double
Keeping to your word, deception and lies
Holding on to your vow, teary and lonely nights
Keeping me in prison
-Pen 'N' Paper

Domestic is abuse it is more than just a beating
It leaves the child with mental scars, prohibiting him from eating
So he blocks everything out and becomes numb
It aint his fault that when he was a baby he used to suck his thumb
Constantly being called useless and dumb
Scarred both mentally and physically
He never has nightmares, the nightmare being his reality
Wondering what the cause is for this daily punishment
Being locked up alone at night in the basement
Battered and bruised
Ridiculed and abused
Assaulted and accused
Hitting a child is not matter of discipline
Try to put yourself in that person’s position…

Duale mahdi, Pen 'N' Paper and Ismail Mopreme
Copyright © 2010

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