Friday, July 30, 2010

The ABC’s of Somalia

A house no longer a home

A people no longer a nation

A mother no longer a mom

A father no longer has a son

A land once pure

A people once sure

Becomes barren

Barricades of dead bodies

Buried by the numbers

Brace yourself child this is the world you inherit

Brace yourself child you have a lot to fix

Counting stars

Caged by bars

Came from far

Covered in scars

Cruelty is the movie and you are the star

Dying the innocent is dead

Doomed to a future so bleak

Dazed at the damage that’s been done

Disaster knows no kindness

Dare to dream and hope after it all

Elements of earth’s centre

Existence of a place that doesn’t exist

Evicted from the place you called home

Empty souls drift the streets

Emptier are their bodies that once lived

Far from ending

Foolish hearts still hope

Favorite stories no longer bring smiles

Fireplace is cold with ashes

Fear has paralyzed the strongest

Good is if you are still alive

Gone are the times of joy and bliss

Gone is the peace and prosperity

Gullible are the children that race the streets

Greatness now a thing of the past

He told her everything would be ok

He held her and wiped the tears with his sleeve

He held back his tears to be strong for her

He hoped with all his heart he was right

Her big brother was all that was left of family

Imagine if the war didn’t happen

Inhale; let the fresh air wash away the hurt

Intelligent minds left to wonder

Inert you have become, cold as stone

Illuminate the dark, with just your hope

It only takes one to rise up and speak

Jokers only smile back at you

Jump, like a plane lift off

Jackals dine on deer never the other way round

Jaded hearts, faded dreams

Jarred ends of the fibers that make you

Killing no longer for a reason

Kernel k can’t sleep at night anymore

Kingdom come, kingdom blown to dust

Kingdom stands alone

Kingdom stands in a pool of its people’s blood

Lies told lead to more lies

Lives taken like they meant nothing

Love robbed of its existence

Learning the death of a loved one on a daily basis

Larger than life you once were

Mistakes repeated like re-runs just incase you missed the last

Murders by the numbers like it was a marathon of who killed most

Mission accomplished you have hurt the hearts

Mission failed, those hearts have healed

Magic wands can’t make it all go away

No longer is there an aim for a target

Now the motto is just shooting, no target

Never mind if she is your mother

Never mind if he is your brother

Narrow minds and numb hearts

Oil the lamps as dark sets in

Ornaments of the land are now the bones of its people

Ordeal after ordeal nothing surprises you anymore

Only if it were all a bad dream

Only if you would wake tomorrow and all was well again

People fought for wealth, for wealth is power

Power made you feel like no other

Power came first in a race with peace

Peace perished and so did the people

People weren’t there to witness the power you have killed for

Quiet are the playgrounds now the children are gone

Queens once in their homes, now minorities in foreign lands

Quilts of dust on the faces of the few that made it

Quest to find a destiny so dear

Quest to return to where I call home

Rest now my land, for you have been through a lot

Reminisce now of the times you were grand and beautiful

Read the sad faces of your people

Reassure them, its ok now

Resilient land, remain strong and don’t despair

Remain our home, and don’t desert us

So alone in a world so crowded

Silence said the master

Sit down and see what you have done

Surrender your weapons, seek forgiveness

Sense of remorse, shall eat away at your soul

The time has come

Turn to your left and then your right

That’s right not another face insight

This is what you have gained

This is what you have failed to see till there was no more

The rivers once blue, now run red stained with blood

Until now you were blinded by greed

Until now you told yourself you can’t feel

Untrue it was, until now

Underneath you your knees shake, they fold and bring you to the ground

Undo the done deeds I dare you now, do you see what I was warning you about

Vastness of space, the silence that’s deafening

Victory is yours now, if the goal was to destroy it all

Very well then, how does it feel?

Vain war you fought, very little you gained

Victory is yours now, how does it really feel

Wait, are those tears I see in your eyes

What happened is this not what you killed them all for

Where is your family child, was it worth the trade that gun you hold

When it’s all said and done what now, where to from here

Wailing and wishing you could take it all back

Well that’s a pity, if only that was how the world worked

X, y, z

Famo A. L
Copyright © 2010

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