Friday, July 30, 2010

Suicidal Thought

I live life beautifully
And step wisely
In vitality
just so my fantasy
could be seen

AND now your my adversity
cut me down you took my life in need
took my hand and cut me deep
so now I am in relieve
heaven..........passion breath, I close my eyes with the depth
to deal with you is
living with thee
So mastitis I be,.........with free
come to me you said, don't be afraid I have been where you been
and in this life you get to see, affliction, things you will never want to envision
my unparalleled notion is what bleeds me to my consolations
Be my guest and master my glare, my existence, my extensive linger
my words, my voice my mania of your manifestation
of you laying here numb..
What you hear before your dead is your remark of your own said
please aspire your deliberation on your hereafter ma'am.

Fayzah Muhammad Showsta
Copyright © 2010

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