Friday, July 30, 2010


Around all the corners of the world,
With its lots of ladies and women,
I have never seen one with your parallel beauty,
Neither your competitor with character,
Nor your simile in the semantics of personality,
My queen, lyrics never ever narrated like you!
No artistic personification depicted like you!
Neither in Kiswahili language!
Nor in French language!
You are a duplicate of golden dew!
In prettiness, you are the women’s summit!
There is a romantic wound in my lungs because of you!
Hot romantic pepper is burning it because of you!
It produces vibration and smoke because of you!
My heart is totally emaciated because of you!
My liver is occupied by love because of you!
My soul is hypnotic because of you!
Deeqa, all my organs are smiling at you!!
Their cooler and comforter is you!
My sight and vision fell in love with you!
Staring at you with full philosophy of love!
Pearly-like Deeqa, felicitate and receive!
My heart and liver are inflaming because of you!
As you are the only one implanted there forever!
Time is elapsing us without our bilateral sense!
Don’t postpone the plan that we scheduled!
And the rendezvous that we tabulated!
Failure of meeting me as per framed,
I will risk my own life because of you!
I will travel by the Mediterranean Sea because of you!
Safety of life is determined by the Creator of me and you!
I will endanger my life as to pillow on your black soft hair!
On meeting you my dear Deeqa, the love will swing!
And with it, I will play melodic Bullo and Dhaanto!
I will hoist romantic flag for it my darling, Deeqa!
For it, I will wave buds and flowers darling, Deeqa!
I will feed it with oxygenated pulmonary blood!
I will call upon the community to be an eye witness!
All the youths will dance upon our jubilation!
I will hug you in front of the congregation!
I will gladden you my dear and dear Darling!
And then, I will shower you with lasting love!
Kissing and caressing my dear and darling Deeqa!

Mohamed Abdikaadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright © 2010

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