Wednesday, August 11, 2010

His reality could be total insanity for you

-- I come from a place where war took over and ravaged a whole country
Where little boys are carrying guns in their hands instead of books
They are too hardcore and brainwashed to the extend of not being able to crack a smile
Because they know soon time, their day will come
Many young souls will be marked for life after these deadly casualties
How would you feel to see a bloody knife
going in and out of their mothers womb?
Would you not be traumatized? Would you not be disturbed?
Sadly, these troubled youths are nobody in this imperial mindset world
Facing this cold world alone ,day in and day out
I tell one of them "I wish I could dry your tears little one
Your invisible tears that is just to ease half your pain?
But he tells me, a real man never cries, a real man never shows emotions
His once radiant and giving heart was harden and stripped of emotions by these vultures that we call our country's leaders
However. this child soldier is devoted to keep his head high
Even when he feels the weight of the world laying on his small shoulders
A kid soldier who probably wont live till his twenties
No Mercedes, no luxury, no honeys
He just has a pair of broken up sandals and a raggedy t-shirt
This child can go days without food but always seem to have bullets on hand
Nothing around him is qualified good
He prays daily to the Lord above to just die
So he can join his family in heaven
The sad part out of all this ordeal
This young boy, was forced to grow up fast
Only 9 years old and he already seen miles and miles of dead bodies
Women, men, babies, all dead
So now I ask you, who's more gangsta?
You who had everything paid in life
No amount of stress
Careless of any tests
A good house
Good quality food
a roof over your head
A solid bed
Or, this young African soldier who seen his mother,father sister die in front of him
Why? Because he killed all of them by his own hands

Mabsud Ali
Copyright © 2010

*May Allah swt forgive any soul taken away by the means of war, wrongful death, violence, oppression and anything of that matter! May Allah forgive their souls of all their sins and may their hassanat be higher than their sins. May the trials of the grave be easy on their weaken soul and May they reach the gates of Jannatul-Fardows with ease and comfort. Ameen!

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