Saturday, July 3, 2010

IF and If...

If I fight you for a cause,
Do you think I will lose?

If you kill me for a gain,
Can you survive without pain?

If you shed my blood,
Will I miss all a lad?

If you see yourself heavy-weight,
Alas! In thinking you are late!

If you hate me for an aim,
Lurking mind, can you claim?

If you make me crestfallen,
Won't peace be stolen?

If both of us don't think well,
Are we going to meet in hell?

If millions disperse and die,
Why each of us to hide and lie?

If all our guns cry,
Alas! Why to buy?

If you hit me with stone,
In ache will I be alone?

If you shoot me with gun,
Will I fear of you and run?

If you chase me today,
Will you not fall my prey?

If two of us slay,
Won't war be May to May?

If you dictate to me,
Will I not bite you like bee?

If you are so malevolent,
Why am I to be benevolent?

If life seems so,
No way to go!

Then, let us ride back!
And see what we lack!

Stop now to whack!
And stitch the crack!

In peace then discuss!
Without maiming lass!

Mohamed Abdikaadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright © 201

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