Saturday, July 3, 2010

Void in my heart

Years ago we rejoiced their union
Their union meant our togetherness
A decade ago when they decided to split
We departed…
Together they came in a blissful union, without our approval.
Together they decided to split and depart, without our concern
They made the decision to tie our bonds together…
And also break it…eventually
We were just a paper
For their story to be written in
But why did they have to use an ink so inerasable
One that burdens the heart time and again
One that has left a void in my heart…
One that has caused a decade to pass by without me seeing my little brothers..
Often I wonder if my brothers are aware of the sister they have in me…
Are they aware of the many times I have longed to see them grow into fine young men that they are today…
Are they aware of my unconditional love towards them…
Are they aware of the void I carry in my heart because of their absence from my life..
Are they?
I led an incomplete life…
An incomplete journey…
An in co mp

Halima Ahmed
Copyright © 2010

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