Saturday, July 3, 2010


As strong as a bullet that kills, the foundation that holds me still
the will that keeps me drivin forward, after every crash on a terrain hill
Enemies, unfortunate difficulties, the ambition of an Aries
to withstand adversity, my inner strength has the energy to battle 100 adversaries
and still walk and breathe, as if I drank the purest water God had offer me
Water from the God, strong mentality from my moms
strivin through the struggle, the heart of a Jihad
I feel like I'm built wit armor, surroundin my chest
bullet proof vest, titanium complex, the physique of a possessed T-Rex
This facade of appearances, shields the inner strength that was blessed within
a gift that took time to developed, trainin and exercisin the mind to win
Inner strength is a powerful inner power, that propels towards my achievements
the right components, the perfect movements, followed by my perseverance
Its manifested in my soul, this power gives me the ability to achieve any life goals
it grows each and everyday like a seed planted in a dirt hole
the sun is the light that keeps me seein, the water is the nourishment that keeps me growin
She said its the strength u need to be alive, so I pray
its the strength that keeps flowin through my blood, the reason why I survive everyday
Its my inner strength.

Mukhtar Mohamed
Copyright © 2010

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