Saturday, July 3, 2010

Are we too weak to take a stand?

This poem is written by a young Somali girl currently residing in the U.K - she wishes to remain anonymous. InshAllah any poem from her will be posted under the name "The Anonymous teenager."

Why don't they just think?
Instead of being lazy,
laying back while they watch their mums cry out her frustration like crazy,
Living for the impression they make on others,
when there are people out there fighting for the life of their sister and brothers,
If they would live like life is suppose to be,
Live with faith and a strong reality,
Knowing the truth that if they just stand tall,
The foundation they stand on, will never fall,
How come our little sisters are crying?
How come so many of our people are dying?
Are we too weak to take a stand,
or are we too ignorant to care about this far-away land,
there are too much lies, too much show,
its no wonder, the people around us might never know,
our people are crying, starving and dying,
YOU gotta open your eyes, no more denying
turning your apathy into hearing, listen to the sounds of the needy,
turn your back to the greedy, and smile even when its not easy,
because no matter how bad things might seem,
no matter if you just want to believe its a bad dream,
fight for whats real with your heart,
and inshallah,
you'll get you're reward the one and only god.

The Anonymous teenager
Copyright © 2010

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