Saturday, July 3, 2010

If not us then who will?

Is it over?
Or would it be like this forever
I’m tired of waiting
And it’s like I’m gonna live as refuge for ever
The pain grows deeper
And it’s adding up whereever
There is no favour done for a brother
Click-clack and his brain is out
And it is shame
That it’s not drug that is driving us crazy
We are not that much drinkers
And we are not dope farmers
So why is this wife crying?
Coz she just said goodbye to her guy
It real hurts coz she though one day they would fly
But bullets flew and he is hit without reason
I look up to the sky
And ask Allah for strength
Because I’m stressed
I want an access to the truth
Behind this mess
I want success in life
And see my country in peace again
I wanna sleep peacefully
In my night dress
But I feel like we careless
And this blood left most of us aimless
Its blindness
Whenever I see the news on TV It leaves me breathless
I got weak and my body feels boneless
But I still got braveness
To claim I’m from land of poets
We all need peace
But we have to come together
Not at graves but everywhere we can
We the youth of Somalia
And the future of tomorrow
If we don’t stand hand to hand
To rebuild home
Then who will?

Poet of The Streetz (P.o.s)
Copyright © 2010

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