Saturday, July 3, 2010


Look! Their beard is long!
But their act is wrong!
Teaching youth to get blown!
While they are to get grown!

Look! They silence the press!
For something that is less!
Than what they reserve!
On the way to serve!

Excavating the grave!
Without being brave!
Talking ill of it and rave!
As if they are naive!

Why not to ruminate?
Or deeply cogitate?
On how Islam to delineate!
And peacefully educate!

Do they want to rule?
And at once to fool?
Absence of calm and cool!
In blood like swimming-pool!

Do they think they are rock?
Fearing of no one's knock?
Showing off and mock!
On the move to lock!

Who is fighting who?
Who is chasing who?
Who is erring who?
Without knowing who!

Is aiming to attack!
Or ready to back?
Say NAY to kill!
Or pay to nil!

Why not to sit?
Sit and discuss?
Discuss to suss?
In peace to pass?

Mohamed Abdikaadir Daud (Stanza)
Copyright © 2010

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