Thursday, July 29, 2010

Last night's dinner

last night's dinner was precious
I still taste the rejection
it stings my lips
so I start the day with a cup of pride for breakfast
I remain earthbound
looking at you from a distance
your face appears as space
the sacred house of constellations
veiled in a vast shadow
it seems like your stare
bears two burning suns
that set on your palms while praying
the twlight it creates
bends shadows
an entire universe being blessed
after saying Ameen
I am taken in
by the gravity of your sight
cradled in the white of your eyes
next to the vessels
Where your color is
watching The Light walk in
stepping through a path
kindling seven holy halos
God is The Light
that guides us to the Deen
blesses us with sight
to enjoy the beauty of what is seen
I strive to catch this light
chasing it through galaxies
bouncing off of walls and faces
I chase the light into His eyes
this world we living in
its going bits and bits down the drain
soon gonna come to an end
understand, Supreme Master Plan must come to pass
the vast earth swimming through space
will drown at last
Look arround you what do you see
things going outta order things you wouldn't wanna see!!
with you naked eye that is
that is, if u believe in your pupils without being a pupil, of Life
deception is sight, truth is Light, God is Might
He might strike me down this night
See people get triggered but it all depends on who figures you out
i dnt know if no one know's it
they threw me inside da whole Insha allah uma expose it
expose the soul to corruption from self
after mental death whats left
a dead body walkin through life, no ears, no brain, no sight
Soon there gonna see there on there own
everyone seem's to be looking staring at your wounds
Pick your self up, ask God for help
that's your only hope
only hope to escape the smoke and fog
just trust in God, you dont need arms to hug to get the love
just look above but kno that God is Most Near so dont steer
from the path, its simple, just do the math
1 God created 1 soul and multiplied us over tenfold
the world is old and will corrode
so keep your soul clean, from dirt and mold
just submit and let God take control
Hold on to His hand
its something more greater then this life your struggling in
God the Almighty He'll take your breath away in a second
Dont tear..its ok He'll allway's be here
always here always Near, jus be sincere,
His verses are clear and was sent as a mercy and guidance
the essentials to have for God, Love and Fear
shed a tear when u repent cuz the end is near
close like 2 fingers, the Prophet showed us a while ago
and its been 1400 years

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