Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mama Africa

Constant battles are fought in her streets
Many mutilated
Few crippled
But the blessed ones are embraced by death.

Exploited by the same hand she nourished
Kicked in the womb by the same feet she space to walk on
Strangled by the palms she loved
And murdered by the minds she nourished.

Sold out by her own
Abused and killed by her people
Death and agony she must bear of her loved ones
The smell of death must she become accustom to

Frustration and agony is all she has known
Abundant with resources and wealth
Yet she must bear poverty
Unity is her other name
Yet division is only all that she has ever known.

Beauty and tranquility is what she cries for
Hatred and corruption is what she gets
Her beauty and serenity stolen by outsiders
Peace of mind must she learn to live without.

Her young cry out for help
Embrace her at night
Lack of shelter leads them to seek refugee elsewhere
Those out of the continent wave her flag proudly
Proudly they display her colors
In celebration they come together….
She wonders when help will knock at her doorstep.

-Halima Ahmed
Copyright © 2010

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