Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our tears together

days are just as gloomy
if only you knew me
my thoughts are of the darkness
I believed once in life, happiness would be there to guide
so I now believe theres no such thing
may the bee's fly high cos I can feel the stinging heating its way of the reddest blood
the skies arent as pleasing the colour of grey

its been raining for days, but its okay
so atleast everyone gets to have a bad day
I'm eating of their pain
I know how you feel I'm not putting myself in your shoes
cos I am you, clearly listening to your words
and making your problem as mines
its a winding day, so lets fly kites let it go
and let the message pass on, I written a note to our lord
but maybe a angle would pass it to God

he can read how we all weep and how we all cant sleep
but then again you never listened when I said to make a pray
so I'm taking the lights out, that way my tears aren't noticeable
do you know how I feel, alone, my heart feels cold
the days are getting old seeing the green grass turning into mold
so I keep remembering the bad days the memories
finding it hard to fold and to put it away
was I always like this sad
have I confused sadness as the living of life

hold me tight as the night will always be the night
knowing we understand this misery
hold me tight as the kiss will always be the sweetest kiss
our tears together my dear as we cry praying for a different change.

Idil Ahmed Mahamed
Copyright © 2010

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