Saturday, July 3, 2010

Somalia- The Nation of Poets {Group poem 9 Part 3} Somali Youth - "Is this what it means to be a Youth?"

Youthful life is overated, "You are too young to Perish"
Universal belief, But a nickel for this saying albeit Garish
Some Yungins deeply lost, Verily not a sight to Cherish.

What is being a Youth?
Parties, unlimited fun,drinking, be hip, alotta Ma'siya to impress your Peers?
And repent Later?
Or Is it Ibaadah, charity, having Taqwa & be educated enough to score MashaAllah Cheers?
And STILL abide by the laws of your Creator?

Hijaab becomes a strange elf language to the sisters, "Ancient" is the word
or is it outdated? It is just a piece of cloth comes the response....
Brothers on the roll, Guns become Roses. Absurdity at its peak
Is this the Bloom of Youth? Is this what it means to be a Youth?

Tell you what..Dear Youth, In that moment of Truth
In that shrieking moment of torment, You won't find besties Muna or Ruth
Before that inmost soul of human fear and agony, Before it fills the air..
Will you have worked for the hereafter aye Youth?

Get Told.

'Afore my ink pen 'dries', Here's a Salute
To the youth keeping it Deenly, I applaud their credible Repute.

May Allah (swt) Guide us ALL to the right path. Amiin.

One love :)

Ilhan Bashir
Copyright 2010.

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