Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sparks of Light

Like a star I was for you
Brighter than any other

You had your wishes
I was prepared to meet them

But like all other stars, I could be extinguished
And for you my time came

You could have let me in due time
So I could move on

So I could continue to shine
But not for you

You never let me
Until I was exhausted

You continued until you had me in your grip
And then...released it like a falling star

The stardust appeared to slow down
and nothing was as before

A fallen star, I became
One in which you lost

A similar, you'll never find
and I am pleased until I find my sky

You think you put out the star
That it will never shine again

But a spark of light is still in me
Just waiting to shine...

Stronger than ever !

Zana H Hashi
Copyright © 2010

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