Sunday, July 18, 2010

Just like you I am part of humanity

I introduce myself. Who am I do you ask? Well, I am Me.
Just like you I am part of humanity.

I am a young Somali female who is driven by the famous words of Mr. King. “I have a dream.” But unlike him it's not for racial equality.
But I yearn for something much deeper than that.

I dream that there will be a day where we will live in Tribal tranquility. I dream that we will be able to medicalise the disease in our hearts and mind.

A disease formed by the wounds that were left untreated. A disease that clouds our eyes with blood. A disease which makes us green with envy as we look on to other countries. A disease that has blackened our hearts which were once full of joy.

If you were deaf and I could sign, would there be dialect. Or if you were blind would you condemn me because of my tribe.

To me in the world there are only people of two kinds, those who do wrong and those who do right.

Does it make sense to you that the blacks can forgive the white, but we are divided by tribe?

I already stand on grounds that aren't my own, and hold two cultures on either side. Because of a mindless civil war I am severely deprived. Deprived of my Mother land, my mother tongue, my culture and My Somali pride.

So I ask you this, How Dare You complicate my Life with Tribe?

Shukri C. Ahmed
Copyright © 2010

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