Sunday, July 18, 2010


Static in the air static in my ear
When they look at me, in hollow eyes I see the fear
My mouth is wide open, but the words are unfamiliar
Even if I were shouting, ignorance wouldn’t allow them to hear
Some times I wish I could just disappear

So I run until there is no more earth to tread
My soul wavers, holding on by a single thread
Whispering, turn to the darkness instead
Fighting demons on the street and demons in my head

Caught by the temptations of the apple
My pulse and heart beat are far from stable
And my body, exhausted no longer able
Like Eve the devil wants into my sacred temple

Saying why do they watch you die and crumble
Expecting you to live the life of a rat stuck in a tunnel
No exit and no hole to dig out and funnel
With a burst out of the static I stumble

What they don’t seem to see and understand
This struggling all thou heavy, is a brand
Not your fashionable designer, but it feeds my fire
Its warmth a weapon and a restraining cover

Consider me the animal, when I am the human
My defence mechanism takes me to a place of seclusion
I peel away my inhibition, I love my reflection
As it rides the waves on the surface of the water
I wash my face in the cool river, surrounded by nature
Clouds roll in the distance, taking away the static and thunder

Who said my days had to be a long and hard sentence
Just my way of existence, no living someone else pretence
No simulation, for once pay attention and listen
I am not alien or a numbered inmate of your prison
My veins are laced so my blood is ancient wisdom

Pour it on the soil because you fear my religion
Label me with hate and call it terrorism
No longer justified, everyone in hand has a prism
Your lies and true colours in clear vision

I raise my hands to the heavens and my foresight is clear
Hate me or love me it doesn’t matter, because I am here
I am not your subject, nor do I aspire to be your master
I want to live my life with at least one peaceful chapter

Hamza egal
copyright © 2010

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