Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Doctored Education.

They say history is written by the victor, the same writer was my schoolteacher, a one-dimensional story I was told, misguidance for truth I was to hold, evolution from crawling on all fours too this close to perfection, all scientific calculation resulted in a chance explosion that formed this worldly creation.

Knowledge comes to the one who desperately seeks it; the more I search the more I thirst, difficulty at the start of the journey to sieve the worthy of my time first, seems like the more I climb the hill gets steeper, like drowning in the shallowest part of a river, classical ignorance is believing in man made delusion.

Inquisitive by nature, to blindly follow what I never understood was never my demeanour, in the early years at times lost my way chasing childish adventure, come what may to rationalise all was always my gambit, second nature to my born habit.

Now they question me on democracy, debate on why I vindicate it so loudly, pay attention closely, so when you finish reading these words for the journey you are mentally ready.

Definition by the oxford dictionary, a system of governance its power gained from the majority, based on the principles of equality, its origins accredited to ancient Athens, as if time never existed before this pretence.

History planted it seeds in Babylonian Mesopotamia and India even before Greece though of the idea, but lets leave chronicles for another chapter, I am more concerned with its perceived image and how it differs from its true nature.

We are ruled by the minority, freedom is a flag waved in our face, ordered to walk a prescribed pace, we sweat the money that they so spend lavishly, or on the artillery to blunder the riches of ancient cities, all in the name of this democracy.

propaganda extracts us from reality; brainwashed and tuned like the TV set we sit before, we may see the bigger picture but choose to ignore, we live under tyranny and oligarchy, and the agenda is our slavery.

They say the wise man is the one who knows that he knows nothing at all, on this earth I know one surety, this soul I lent from the almighty, but before I return it I will give sound to my vision loudly.

I see no freedom under cloaked oppression, I see no freedom in the killing of the innocent, I see no freedom on capitalising on the weak, I see no freedom having to watch my words as I speak.

I see freedom in the belief that our goals with every atom must strive to reach.

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