Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Love, Value, Unity and Revolt!

As you read this poem and read the first word of every stanza (Love, Values, Unity and Revolt) think of ONE word that when you play around with gives you these FOUR profound and empowering words!

Love for the human conditions should be the link that ties us together

Although we might be different

And like gardens


We are nonetheless


Who are not wild?

We are people

Who hold sheer human emotions in their hearts

We all yearn for basic human understanding and acceptance

To gain basic human rights

Value of what’s right and wrong

Just and unjust

Bias and unbiased

Are the common denominator

That should upheaval the slightest desire

To steal





In order to claim your freedom

Unity for the sake of better world

And, no am not talking about a perfect world

For perfection is overrated

Am talking about a peaceful world

Where you and I can walk side by side

Without being threaten by the ideas

Engraved in our subconscious

The ideas that suggest

Your freedom must mean my oppression

And my happiness must mean your misery

Revolt against all the forces that tell you otherwise

Claim your own ideas

Embed your values with ideas you think are just

Think for yourself

Free your mind

And revolt against the forces that oppress others

For when you keep your mouth shut about their oppression

No one will come to your rescue in your times of need

Love, Value, Unity and Revolt

Do these mere words ring any bell in your enslaved mind?

The mind that has told not to think

But rather to just obey

And heed to the warnings, false warnings, of politicians and media





Each one of these words

Are engraved in a word that we all chant

Too often claim

Too often embrace

Too often preach

But never practice

Ever heard of something called revolutionary?

Revolutionary warriors

Revolutionary ideas

Revolutionary Rebels

Revolutionary you and I

Study it

Comprehend it

Embrace it

Break down revolutionary

And you shall get





Inspired by RAP (He mentioned the first (love) and third word (Unity) I added the second (value) and fourth word (revolt) - RAP is one of the inmates my group and I have been working with for book discussions and poetry workshops.

Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

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