Saturday, September 18, 2010


Some people dream of a fancy life,

And some dream of how to survive.

Some dream of a future beyond them,

And others dream of living only a day more.

Some dream of making billions,

And others of a day that their voice may be heard.

Not all dream the same, But to some life is a game.

They chase after fame, And all their problems on the suffering they blame.

Can the oppressor and the oppressed be weighed the same?

Burnt lives and buried children, a daily image I can’t seem to push away.

Oh oppressor what has led your soul astray??

Of better days I dream.

A soft breeze brushing against the trees, and a beautiful flowing stream,

My mind wanders to a future that is much brighter,

Through hard work our burdens will be much lighter.

Climb the mountain and hang tight to the rope,

A better day is to come inshaAllah - don’t lose hope.

Dream so that you can reach the stars,

And your wishes soon will enter other’s hearts.


- Nimo Abdi Warfa

Copyright © 2010

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