Friday, September 17, 2010

Facing reality

We know when we’re wrong

But every day we just maintain

A steady rhythm on a pathless journey

And yet we praise ourselves in vein

We get up courage to fight the fear

A nature instilled to keep us down

But then we fall and turn away

Treading waters so deep, we drown

Unleashed into this madness

Without the armor to shield

How can we ward off all the evils

When we’re roaming in their field

Our instincts do get us through

But only to the next day

Please realize this is a game

We’re his pawns, while he’s at play

If I could get real with you for a minute

The war is within us, am i wrong?

There’s a hindrance that you cling to

And it beats you because it’s strong

It takes perseverance and patience

And an acknowledgment of thyself

Cuz if I could get real with you for a minute -Rock bottom has taught me well

Will you continue to deny?

And fall further into his grips?

Or will you respond to the calling

And humbly submit to His?

Go about living as you were

But take with you one thing; If you got real with yourself,

That burden wouldn’t be

Now are you ready to face reality?

Mukhtar Mohamed

Copyright 2010

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