Friday, September 17, 2010


Who was there when I cried, who was there when I was left behind?

Who was there when nobody cared?

Ya` Allah, You were there.

All glory to you, Subhana Allah!

Alhamdulilah, all praise to you!

You heard my duas. All over and all over again.

You saw my tears shouting out of my eyes, longing for the truth. You were there.

Oh, Allah, Ya Ghafur, Ya Rahim.

Ya Allah, accept our prayers, accept our duas, accept our dhikr.

Grant my parents a place in Jannah, my family, my friends, the good-doers and the followers of our propthet (saw)


You were there. In rain, thunder and when the sun was up.

You are the highest, the most All-knowing.

There are no single moments, minutes or seconds when you are not with me.

They say belief is a statement repeated over and over till you actually accept as true.

But you, you are beyond that.

My goal and happiness are more worth to than me than gold or silver.

Diamonds can’t even weigh against you.

The appreciation I have can beam up the complete universe up. Even with closed eyes, the brightness is overwhelming.

So far gravity can’t beat it in any way.

Ya Allah, never leave me, not of the blink of an eye.

Ya, Allah, I ask you to forgive me.

I ask you to increase my Imaan and knowledge.

Oh, Allah, I ask you to bring me closer to my deen and leave this dunya behind and strive for the Akhirah, the Ever- Lasting.

I ask you with a purified heart, with no expectations but with thankfulness following

. I ask you by all your beautiful 99 names, can you please forgive me?

Laila Siad

Copyright 2010

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