Friday, September 17, 2010

Muslim/Woman/Black [M.W.B]

Each day I wake up and smile

Smile for all the blessings Allah Ta'aal has showered me with

As a Muslim to live and adhere to ONE creator

To obey and worship Him alone

To abide by His words

And that of his messengers and prophets

Which He has sent to guide us

To be blessed with the wisdom and heart to bow down to the creator alone and not his creations

To be blessed with a holy book that distincts right from wrong

To be blessed with a guide to go through the trials and attribution of this world

All by His mercy and love

Each day I wake up smiling

Knowing as a woman I may be blessed to carry another life in my womb

Pamper and nurture it

And never have to hide my emotions in fears of being told 'don't be such a woman'

For I am a woman And a proud one

And I don’t have to hide my tears

For only the strong are secure enough to show their emotions

I smile at the fact that women are the heart beats of their society

Backbone of their homes And strength and the pillar of successful individuals..

Each day I wake up smiling as

I look at my skin tone

And remember the struggles of past black freedom fighters

And the future rebels I smile knowing am part of a great diversity of

Intellectuals, freedom fighters, protectors,

I Rejoice at the triumph of Black leaders and homes

I celebrate the strength of Africa

And those in the continent or elsewhere

For we are all BLACKS

Despite our different background



Traditions And appreciate the wisdom of our forefathers

I look at my skin tone and hear each pore wanting to




And, dance with happiness

To the tunes of James Brown Say It Loud Am Black and am PROUD

Ahh.... The joy of being Muslim, Woman and Black….

The beauty of encompassing the best of three worlds

The pride of being three in one and one in three...

Don’t let them tell you otherwise sisters :)

Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

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