Friday, September 17, 2010

He is

He is the first flicker of light in the early morning daybreak.

Low key, quiet, and breathtaking.

He is the beautiful breeze that kisses my face after I am done dancing in rainstorm.

Soft, alluring, and full of life.

He is my cup of hot water on a cold winter morning

Warm, nourishing, and soul rejuvenating.

He is my favorite worn out teddy bear.

Gentle, secure and playful.

He is adrenaline after a good fight.

Powerful, heart bounding, and intense

He is my favorite tune on constant replay

Soulful, reminiscent, and familiar.

He is my favorite all time indulgence.

Forbidden, alluring, and extremely satisfying.

He is my favorite Dwayne Morgan poem.

Sexy, intellectual, articulate and mind boggling.

He is my bed after a long, tiring workday.

Inviting, seductive, and comfortable.

He is one of my photographs come to life.

Original, untainted, and copy written.

He is like a new piercing

Addictive, exciting and novel.

He is the epitome of all the characteristics that makes a strong BLACK man.

Minus all the misconceptions

He is every fantasy craved turned reality.

He is my man, and I love him.

Hayat Magan

Copyright © 2010

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