Friday, September 17, 2010

Liberation from the roots

This one can be a bit confusing - I mean it confused me myself lol.

For years I sought to gain liberation from you

For your presence has done nothing but inflicted my heart with pain

Injected it with sorrow time and again

Agony was all I got in turn for the love I showered you with

But I am reminded of the beauty of the trees

For they would be nothing without the seeds that were planted in the first place

Stronger roots only borne stronger leaves

And I guess that is how I have become to be me

I am stronger but my heart can still be broken

Unlike yours that hasn’t even shed a tear in years

I possess the qualities and strengthen of the seeds

But also the beauty and delicacy of the leaves

I cry

Thinking of you

How could you

And most importantly why would you

I thought growing up the trees and the seeds were one in the same

Forever, intertwined in a relationship that would be unbreakable

But I guess I was wrong

As humans we are just fragile

Unable to sustain humane relationship

And you talk about sustainability in the environment

Girl please

Although he pains my heart

And sometimes has control over my behavior

He has forgotten the sun shines, only, on the leaves

And I will become the best of me

With or without him

Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

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