Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My People's freedom..

my people's freedom lost in mid air,

it seems that of our struggle no one cares.

jailed, imprisoned, gang raped and so much more,

all this pain seeps deep down into my hearts core.

why can't people hear the cries of my kind?

my heart fills with pain, and thoughts wander in my mind.

for so long i yearn for peace,

when will my people finally be at ease??

a struggle we endure,

children pray for peace with an intention so pure.

hidden genocide - our fear has turned into determination,

far and near we walk with much motivation.

My place of birth is The Ogaden and for it i fight.

bloodshed of the kith and kin - is it wrong or right?

then why do many insist that in the darkness we dwell,

can't we see the child who cried so much that his eyes seem to swell?

Silence no more my friend,

for a righteous cause i'll break and bend.

come along and lend us a hand,

if not my friend then please for my rights and that of my people let me fend.

- Nimo Abdi Warfa

Copyright © 2010

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