Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hey There Cliche

Hey Mr Poet,
Mr Snap Snap Your Fingers
Incense Kinda Poet.
Mr Ideas Out Of This World,
above any man, woman, boy or girl.
You know how it goes,
your poems are deep and deep is yours
You hold fundamental truths
These mere mortals need to know.
Mr Poet so engulfed in your incense
and the 'snap, snap' of less intelligent fingers.

Hey Ms different
Ms Unique,
Ms Never A Follower
Always A Trendsetter.
You're a walking cliche down to the letter.
Your hair so different in that Rihanna way
You're less like the needle than the rest of the hay.
Those clothes American Apparel unique,
Those TopShop one offs
So different
your outfit could be any mannequin
in any store.
Your 'difference' is really just something you bought.

Hey Mrs Pan Africanist princess,
Mrs Filled To The Brim Of Kingdoms Raped
And Herstory Plundered.
Mrs Afro Crown or Natures Locks,
Mrs Higher Than Weave,
one version of black beauty,
Mrs Reincarnation Of The Black Eve.
Tell me, Mrs Light Skin Is Raped Skin
And Straight Hair Is Bad Hair
where does that leave those first Africans the furthest point east?
I wonder if you can overstand some of your ancient Queens looked like me!

Hey Mr Beard All Grown,
Mr Akhs This and Kuffs that,
Mr I Respect Women But Call Them All Hoes,
Mr Working For The System is Haram
But Dealing Coke Is No Harm.
Mr Music Is Forbidden
Except When You're Spitting.
Find a Qu'ran and just sit quietly and read,
learn more about what you say you believe.
Mr I Started Praying Last Week,
Who the hell gave you the right to judge me?

Could it be Lady Niqab,
Miss Monopoly On The Hijab?
Miss May Have Forgotten God Wont Ask Her About Me?
Mr Never Bothered With The Part About Compassion And Mercy?
Or Mrs All To Preoccupied With Hell, Brimstone and Negativity?

Please, lets move away from what we have to be
Make up and skirts
don't necessarily mean flirt.
We are multi dimensional,
It is delusional to think we only have the one face..
To live both Potter and Macbeth,
Britney and Mozart
There is more than enough space.

Nimo Hussein

Copyright © 2010

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