Saturday, September 11, 2010

Revolution will BE televised!!!

I don’t play the race card

I really don’t

Or hate those with different skin tone

Or even blame the society for the failure of black homes

Be it in the continent or in the U.S.

I don’t play the race card

For there is NO race card

Only racism that bleeds this country

And when you speak out you are almost made guilty for speaking the truth

And reminded that you are just playing the race card

After all, the president is a black man

Forgetting that actually the other half of Obama is white

And, he for all I care resides in the white house

A roof that has fostered oppression and discrimination

Be it under a republican or a democrat

George orwell said we live in times where speaking the truth is a revolutionary acts

But we are blinded by ignorance

And no I am not talking about being unable to see

For the blindness of the heart is far worse than being unable to see

At home I am told to keep my distance from people who live in the “ghetto” for they may drag me with them to the graveyard

I am told that knowing prisoners will cloud my vision

And make me weak hearted

But has my family forgotten that those behind the prison could have easily been my cousins, uncles or even long forgotten father?

Just because you think you are different does not make you any different in the eyes of law makers who are exclusively out there to lock away Black men…

Now, don’t get me wrong….

There are those who are just evil and hurt people.

I don’t stand for them and this piece is not about them but rather it is about men who I have met this past month.

It is about the men of ECI who have liberated my thoughts and taught me that everything we read or see isn’t the truth.

I know reasons are attached to their presence here whatever that might be – but people learn from their past and had their skin color be different I doubt half of these men would have been here….

Here I am told keep distance

Don’t trust them

Don’t interact or exchange anything

…I will abide to those restrictions

For I don’t want to jeopardize this program for those here and those who will join in the future

But what I will do is overcome my quietness and shyness and share my words

My innermost ideas and love for justice

I shall take your voices with me

And haunt dead souls with your stories

Wake up conscious that have been sleeping for oh too long now

And with this is in mind

Best believe

Revolution will BE televised!!!

-Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

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