Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Memoirs of a modern day slave.

When I look around my surroundings, there resonates a vacant atmosphere, as if there was a need for something to appear. Something unfamiliar, causing the birth of hope, for so many who have slid down the oppressor’s slope.

Mankind continues to stumble further into the haze of hatred, entrusting blind leaders to navigate us around the obstacles of this giant maze, driven by our unsavoury desires of greed and lust for power and conquest over one another.

I sit under a moonless night, thoughts of lost generations reverberate around my head, nations hell bent on murder, plunder over peace is chosen instead, a society without a speck of morality, examples to the young, do we really need to ask why they are unruly.

The knife and the gun to express their frustration, expect nothing less when all good is forsaken, replaced by contractual deeds and by any means money making, media spoon feeds the ignorant false representation.

I flirted with democracy and asked to see her concealed beauty; she put me in a trance as my eyes only gave her surface a glance, intoxicated by love’s possibilities, induced by words of freedom and equality.

I awoke a victim of an electoral dictatorship, controlled and checked by CCTV, would it be far fetched to think in my brain they installed a microchip, I see my fellow captives still in denial, while the victims of our taxes continue to mass and pile.

Revolution flows through these veins, accustomed to the many aches and pains, holding on to the truth that the sun’s rays burst forth always after the rains, waste no time on reality TV and superficial wonders, nothing changes if we keep turning away because the affliction is upon others.

To be continued…..

Hamza Egal

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