Sunday, September 26, 2010

Invincible beauty.

She’s is the epitome of modesty and no she is not a billboard honey, her mind is fully conscious so her soft-spoken words are never empty. Many of her kind are falsely enchanted by money they search on the dry lands and the search on the sea.

With heavenly grace she glides through the crowded streets of society, invincible to the masses she only leaves a trace of a sensuous aura as she passes. She sees no gain in exposing her delicate flesh, engrossed in literature to further educate mentally and spiritually is her only stress.

Like a pomegranate tree I wish to sit by her so the sweet fruits of her thoughts fall all around me, cares for her family before she even thinks of self, like the most prized work of art worthy of only the highest shelf.

Her words are carefully measured, she educates the raged children of men, polishes the rough jewel with only a pen, some times I wonder how she came to be so close to perfect, her love is bottomless and deep as the centre of this massive planet.

Cloaked in mystery she is blessed with true loveliness, it lays in her heart and reflected out by her face, in her eyes my humble beginning i can trace, invincible beauty she walks through life with a steady pace.

I noticed her with my eyes closed as I searched for something different then what usually tempts me, taken back by her sincerity, her words in the depths of my body ignited instantaneously.

Commands respect and offers nothing else in return, from the soundness of her mind one can surely learn, within her I see the makings of a great mother, a formidable warrior if you attack her belief and honour, in my world it’s a true admiration to have her.

Surely a blessing from the heavens, when the world focuses only on the exterior, to find the most precious treasure, I plunge beneath the waves of her cool river and found the wonders concealed under. Secured within her protective cover she is full of life and humanity.

Perched on my mind she continuously remains, caring words from her lips whenever she finds me dealing with life’s many pains, amazed by the way her resolve and kindness never strains, I have given up the fight because I have come to learn that this wild heart of mine other then its owner, she is the only one who tames.

Hamza egal © copyright 2010 all rights reserved.

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