Friday, October 8, 2010


To me the worst kind of poverty

Is to be deprived of compassion and real empathy

Whilst there are some without doors who sleep on the floor

Yet have a kind spirit and the will to strive for more

It is these people, who can donate their life experience

Whilst the rich just need to sign an empty cheque

What is wrong with the world that people look down on others?

I agree having material things is a thing to be desired

But it’s not the only thing that matters

Ever considered if you take a little less

You could help others lose their stress

Giving is truly receiving because what goes around

Comes around and in business terms that called an investment

For those of you obsessed by profit and big banks

Someone today will die of lack of nourishment

Redeem yourself and save a life

Before you look to Africa, reflect on your state of mind

Save it from greed and absent compassion

Erasing poverty is not a difficult task

Like any other mission it just needs real passion

Whilst you sleep in your warm bed tonight

A child will be asking himself if he can keep up the fight

So let’s reach not only into our pockets but into our hearts

So that we become people who consider others

Where all things for all people are shared in equal parts

Nimo Yusuf

Copyright © 2010

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