Friday, October 8, 2010

Silent Tears

Yesterday I thought of you

And the beautiful friendship we shared

You were almost like a sister

And I loved you

But somewhere down the road

Our friendship faded away

But never did my love and respect ever decline for you

Somewhere down the road we stopped spending time together as much

Both of us getting busy with school and work

And that kept us busy to a point where eventually we gave up

Playing phone tags finally got the best of us

But you were still part of my prayers

Yesterday as I thought of you

I wanted to write to you

And let you know I have been thinking of you dearest

But then my ego kicked in

Asking if she hasn’t written

Why should you?

And being the irrational

Imperfect being that I am

It reflected in my poor judgment of not writing

Regardless of whether you wrote or not

For there is never a place for ego in true friendships

This morning as I reached out

They said you have left us few weeks ago

And that Allah has called you home

On your trip to your native land


How I wish I reached out before

Although I can’t change the past

For we are only mortal beings

And we are surely all going to die one day

I pray that Allah bless and have mercy on your beautiful soul

And may He grant your family and friends the patience to endure this pain.

You will be missed love.

Halima Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

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