Friday, September 10, 2010

My 1st Encounter With The Disease Called *Love*

Now Life Is A Funny Entitity
I Once Had A Companion Named Anab,
She Promised Me A Lifetime Of Eternity,
We Were Both Young Freshies
Who Jumped Into The Love Fraternity,
Then Education Called And Beckoned
For My Admission,SouthEastAsia , India To Be Precise
So i Filed My Life And Visa Into Submission,
Now She Escorted Me To Heathrow Airport ,Crying.
We Held Hands And i Assured Her That I Will Return ,
Gave Her a 500 Rupee Note With Gandhi As A Souveneir As A Reminder To Never Stop Trying.
She Was My First Love Not To Sound Coy,She Resembled Hellen Of Troy.
Her Beauty Matched Her Personality,A Strong Somalian Nubian Princess With Loads Of Talent.
Now Lets Go Back 7 Months ,Excuse My Vocabulary, I Think This Line Just Hit A Dunth!
Ok See It Was A Blind Date,I Was Standing In A Tran Platform,Looking Around Scratching My Head Like I Had A Brainstorm.
Little Did I Know She Was Hiding,Time Biding,When She Observed Me From Head to Toe,And Considered Me Outstanding.
She Came Out And Said With The Voice Of Alien To My Ears Asalaamu Aleykum.
Fast Forward 7 Months And 15 Days.My Name Was Called Out To My Gate,She Shivers And Her Eyes Turn Maroon,She Says "Hyder Why You Leaving Me So Soon"?
I Answer Her Question With A Kiss,And Promise To Return To Her In An EyeBlink.
Funny How Physics And Distance,Ruins And Strains A Whole Experience.
And I Wasnt Even At A Distance Of Castor,10 Million WHy's...
And 100,000 Tear Tissue Supply ,Later...
I Mature But Yet I Think ABout Her
,And What Could Have Been,If I Stayed Behind To Be With My Oleander Queen,
The Impossible Dream Is An Untouchable Dream,Today Is The Beginning,Is Tomorrow The End?

Hyder Noor
Copyright ©2010

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