Friday, September 10, 2010

Please Lets think

I have seen

A battle between the same kinds

At the age of thirteen n fourteen

Forget about eighteen and fifteen

They play with machine guns

Like the marine

And they can be so mean

Coz they have seen a lot of crime scene

Not big TV screens

They know nothing about protein

Coz they roll down the streets

With that slick sixteen

There is no race but a virus (T)

So if you cross to the wrong way

You fly away

And it will be the opposite of your birthday

Please Sir don’t speed down the way

Coz they might be someone lying helpless in the highway

At parties

We don’t bring deejays

Coz any minute can be a doomsday

There is no safe way

So you better run away

Still words play in my head

Why do I have to run away?

Weather day time or meal time

It is still crime time

No play time

I swear it is time to search for peace this time

I will give it a rhyme

And I swear I don’t wana be on the prime time

If I had one chance

I would delete the 90’s

And bring back the peace time

Let’s change

No need to hate

Coz well all meet as Somalis at the end

Please Let’s Think

Poet of The Streetz (P.o.s)

Copyright © 2010

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