Friday, October 29, 2010

10 Things I Would Say To A Somali Man

They said the streets were paved with gold

And every cloud was silver lined

And so we ran;

Stumbling across concrete borders

And icy shores on a promise that there was more.

I watched your heart fill with dreams of grandeur,

Riches and success only to be crushed

By the reality of life as an immigrant man,

Black and bold in a white man’s world.

And I wish I could keep you rooted

When your world is spinning out of place

Or offer you a warm embrace;

Read your palm and tell you secrets that’ll change your fate.

I have only dreamt of men like you; men who persevere and strive for life

And I fear this cold place will crush you.

If I could, I would tap you on the shoulder and tell you ten things to hold you steady.


That you will find success

By keeping faith in Him.

And that His unseen is greater than anything this earth can offer.


To take a moment everyday;

To take five and seek guidance and peace

In the gentle melodies of God.


That it is okay to be afraid

And great men have cried into the arms of a woman

Who held him gently and full of faith and love


To chose your friends carefully

And remember that humans

Sometimes come in the form of demons;

And demons sometimes look like friends.


Somalia bred you strong and stubborn.

Your pride could strain water from a stone.

But be humble in the presence of your parents.

They are the closest to the mercy of Allah you will find on earth.


Remember that the young are no more immortal than the old.

Steer clear of drugs and promiscuous women who put their beauty on show.

Live every moment as if you’re last and seek pleasure in the hereafter,

In heavens and Angels and Gardens beneath which rivers flow.


Forgive others,

So that you may be forgiven.


When you find her; love her completely.

And righteously, not in alleyways or empty theatres;

Build a family and she will be your home.


Your power lies in the length of your stride,

The distance of your reach.

Aim for the furthest the eyes can see and you will find angels there.


Believe in you.

Because you still have no idea,

Just how amazing you were meant to be.

Farah Gabdon

Copyright © 2010

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