Friday, October 29, 2010

Now!, Ask ME of LOVE!

In yen I declare a total state of love

I die in delight, dive in despite all attempts to discourage me

Pulsating beat in the dragons den

Where souls dwell in deficiency and despair

Their deadly eco’s drill my ears and draine me of desire

They are beating the drum rolls to my dare

I jump!!

He is my free fall to freedom

Now!, Ask ME of LOVE!

I’ve read many editions written on life

When long lost in sworn allegiance to laid laws by looming leeches

Amateur cheaters and immature deceivers

Those who lie when they get caught

Won’t learn when they get tough

With a warrant guarantee to get scarred by what they brought

This publications been a popular print, sells allot of paper and brings in great profit

How about a new version of the very tale in a real life read?

There’s a chapter on the innocence that a child feels

One on the beauty that the bold bleed

There are details of the depth only the ocean sees

A description of the purity only the heavens heed

I took a lesson from a less pessimistic presence

On a primrose path with trotted tracks

A pleasant parallel painted in a colourful coral

I now compose symphonise played in harmonic vocabulary of beautiful words

Compiled in a string of creative terms

Referenced from by love as a complimentary commentary

Allow me to tell you of his sound

His reasoning caressing my hearing and kissing my thoughts

I write to tell the tale of how our hopes conflated as our hands hesitated

Hear as I playback the soothing melodies of our lilting laughter

Compiled in a quite secret lagoon on the public stages of life

A bulky brick Love yet feather light

Like shining sunrays it’s beautifully bright

Good intentions and superior perceptions is its secret ingredients

Respect remains its muscle and might

When it’s time for loves feuds

Like the Dali Lama is how handle disputes

By propagating peace, proliferating prosperity

And promoting the whole of humanities plight

I’m already persuaded to pick fight

An attempt to describe him is like throwing a seven with a single dice

He’s unique and exceptional, extraordinary in particular

‘Out of the ordinary’ is unjust yet closest to precise

A caller to kindness

He a commuter unravelling the riddles of my roads

My keeper and I found the key to a love

A love that surpasses the suppressed

This brilliance of a blessing is surely the combined prayer of all believers

Born from the harem of pure hearts

He holds in a warm embrace the woman I dreamt of being

I hurry to take a sip from his cup of eloquent elixirs

A lethal liquid of lust.... wish me farewell

Time after time, forever in repeat

I gasp at his sight

In yen declaring a total state of love


Death for you is a delight

Rahma Hassan Ahmed

Copyright © 2010

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