Friday, October 29, 2010


Memories about me and you

And how we wanted to have babies

Remember how we hold

When it was cold

Promised to grow together

Till we old

We stayed out even when it was deep freeze

You had strong hold of my heart

You stole my soul

Made me believe and achieve

Made my mind roll like a bowl

But now you left me in grieve

And in pain

In my heart you still live

Coz even when I’m on my own

I don’t feel alone

I still feel your kiss on my cheekbone

And how you shone

Still remember how you moved

And you hips

When we were together

We called where we chill the hot zone

Still got your pictures on my phone

Oh God I still don’t feel alone

Coz I got her favorite song on my ring tone

She was brighter than star

I still get backlights of the past

And highlights of how you hugged

You were my light

And was always on my mind even midnight

I’m fighting these memories

I still can’t forget you

Still think of you till sunset

Coz you left a scar on my mind set

I better find you before I go blind

Whether you are in UK

Or Norway

I have to find your love

I can’t live with out you any ways

I need you treatment girl

These memories got me sick

Poet of The Streetz (P.o.s)

Copyright © 2010

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