Friday, October 29, 2010

My most beloved

The carrier of the truth, oh, mankind can't you see

A warning to all mankind he was sent to be

So pure, gentle, truthful and kind he truly was

The words that he spoke was as gentle as dust

Loved by many, he had the best characteristics

He would visit the one that was sick

He would approach people with a smile

Nicknamed the most trustworthy he wasn't a liar

From a young age he was determined to be a prophet

Who wouldn't believe this with all the good examples he has set

The crying of younger children didn't bother him

Both parents dying didn't stop him from delivering

A message he carried that there's only one god

Trying to convey this message many battles he had fought

Taught many to treat younger with mercy

Never dealt with others harshly

Taught many to respect the elders

Don't dye with any debt he ordered to the debtors

He treated his wives justly and cared for them

Do as I do he told the other men

A great example he is to all humankind

Many biography of his life you will find We call it the sunnah following his ways

I have believed in his message until my dying days

He is my most beloved Muhammad is his name

May Allah bless him and have peace upon him

I have always loved him not because of his fame

But because he was a man of good characteristics and abstained from sins

Loving someone you've never seen can u imagine this

But this is something I've always been dealing with!

Mira Bint Abdul'Rauf

Copyright © 2010

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