Thursday, November 4, 2010



Whispered a female voice

“Light that torch.”

Let us tell you the story about George – Life gave no choice!

Born in Sierra Leone

We had no reason to moan

Sunshine on my skin

Born with patience, it was never wearing thin

Sand floating; like the river Nile

Couldn’t help but listen to my Grandfather for a while

Birds tweeting like they’ve never seen any grief

While my conflict was still sleeping, there was always peace

Beautiful melody as the folks were singing

Happily, gathered around, the warmth you were bringing

One god, one world, one family

Meaning stability, giving security, living destiny, loving eternity

All of a sudden bullets like stars start to fly

All of a sudden tearless faces, start to cry

All of a sudden one became many

“Bekele!” whispered my nanny

“Light that torch, for peace!”

Deported! She was rebelling for peace, I’m down on my knees

Traumatized! Closed my eyes the whole journey, the land I see

Is not the land of the free

If it was? How come every black woman is put in chain

Centuries later, they will call my birth place “Free Town”

I guess I have to die for that freedom – skin black – eyes brown

Can you please tell me my name

It changed over time – History won’t remember me as the same

“George!” that is what I heard

“Hold that torch!” that’s what I was told, but didn’t understand any word

I didn’t understand why my mother was raped

I didn’t understand why my father’s blood was drained

I didn’t seem to know

To survive I had to extinguish that torches’ glow

Day in, day out on that field I had to starve

Standing on his porch, my self-righteous master would only laugh

Pregnant black woman on the fields

There is nothing that protects her or shields

Her from the truth and all the pain

Her virginity taken by force, her people regarding her as a stain

“Bekele!” that’s what she cried

“Hold that torch! He took all my pride!”

While holding that torch, the dark took her away

“She took her own life.” That’s what history will say!

Who will put us out of our agony?

Uncle Tom said:” George. Light that torch in history.

The fire of youth makes you want to extinguish that torches’ glow

Bear the pain patiently and tell your story like my mother Harriet Beecher-Stowe"

Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation

Came too late for me, but paved my people’s destination

The bullet of justice hit me in Tennessee

Trying to take my people back to “Free Town”. Finally free.

Sofia Omar in collaboration with Pen ‘N’ Paper

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