Thursday, November 4, 2010

Resurrection of myself

-He said, I was the rose that grew from concrete floor

And I'd hold you down, regardless the situation babe

How sweet many of you'd say, But if you only knew half the bullshit that bastard put me through

As I sit here, vividly reminiscing as to why I even fell for him

I quickly remembered witnessing, a man and not a boy

A man with a beautiful mind,body and soul

That told amazing lies

And spoke so eloquently that it seems that the words were dancing on the top of his tongue

And yes I loved him more than anythingIn him,

I would find myselfAnd without him, I was empty

Like a vase without flowers

A cup without water

Shoes but no feet

Gloves but no hands

A room but no bed

Alright alright, you get the picture

And yes, i know it all sounds cliché

But hear me out

I was young and naive

Innocent and pure

But he was all but the opposite

Maybe that's why we harmonized so well

I was blinded by love

And him by lust

A bad mix many would say thus so far

But thankfully it was over

And gratefully I stepped out with a bit of sanity left in me

A year and plus just passed

And as I skim through the pictures and poems

Flashbacks rushing through my mind

I chuckle and laugh and burn it all to pieces

I inhale

I exhale and blow away the ashes

And a tingly feeling starts building in my heart

Making its way to every ligament in my body

I feel itI sense it

I'm born again

Mabsud A

Copyright © 2010

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