Thursday, November 4, 2010

The definition of beauty

I feel surrounded, overwhelmed even, by pretentious women, like the leaves fall in the winter season, like fire flies dancing past my vision, I smile courteously as I keep walking, of life’s many lesson, I paid close attention, in the fortress of my mind, lays plenty experience in retention.

No offence intended, just my opinions, laid down on paper and extended, if you wish to read it, every now and then I cross paths with another lady, red lips and rosy cheeks, saloon made hair, flowing Russian prison exported sleeks, Blankness overcomes me when she speaks.

A woman is defined by what she knows, not what she adorns, so why do so many naturally blessed women choose to be capitalist pawns, chemicals to mask your natural heritage, when the skin your in is already perfect.

The beauty of splendour is that it runs deeper then the surface, it’s the purity in your soul that ignites me like a furnace, the consciousness in your voice ties me down like a harness.

Not the revealing cloths and crippling heels, you try so hard to ignore the pain that your body feels, no matter how uncomfortable, even if your face falls of and peels, continuously applying the toxic, the fake smile a permanent fix.

The definition of beauty, is something that radiates from depths of your being, it compliments your exterior, a smile from the heart, that warms the spirit of the coldest stranger, modesty in her dress, even in the hottest summer weather, realises that her beauty is a priceless prize, worthy of only the chosen’s eyes, her tongue hides behind no lies.

You are a queen, in life from time to time we all take a left turn, but every mistake is a lesson to learn, within your vessel find comfort, strength your mind into a stable fort, nevermore a slave to what the celebs brought.

In understanding there is no shame, some of these so-called men are the same, just the other day heard one complain, about his make up getting washed away by the rain, my only sentiment, I hope that man bag has something to repair your brain.

Hamza Egal © copyright 2010 all rights reserved.

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