Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Ghetto

This is my Ghetto

You never dropped in to say, Hello

If you did, I would have respect for you

As you’d have a clue, what we pull through

This is my House

You never saw my people on the bounce

Welfare was never the very choice

Without prospects, can’t promise you any friendly noise

This is my Pen

You never came by to see me back then

Let me write some lines to your mayor

Dear mayor, they never found in your eyes any favour

This is my Paper

You never saw us integrated, call yourself democrat or labour

My name is Pen ‘N’ Paper, not a traitor

Using my stationary to reach you, my friend and hater

This is my Ghetto

You never stopped chasing after my shadow

What is it that makes me a threat or public enemy

My parents didn’t raise their child to cause any felony

This is my Way

You never spent with me a single day

While I stay open minded, drawing in chalk

You judge me, the way I walk and talk

This is my Colour

You never came to power

But you dare to discriminate between white and black

My Ghetto is like the rainbow, Colour doesn’t lack

This is my Passion

You never saw me wearing your fashion

Never tried to call it, blend in

My Ghetto came to life, avoiding a life of sin

This is my Ghetto

Not everyone is dressed in black and yellow


My Ghetto’s priority

Pen 'N' Paper

Copyright © 2010

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