Friday, October 8, 2010


Malcolm X said that freedom and death go hand in hand

And that the most dangerous weapon is an educated black man

Freedom is what seperates us as indivduals , my salute to those who take a stand

Rewind back to 21 february 1965

Murderd at the age of 40, but imprinted in our hearts 4 ever more

Shining black serpent

Refused to be the white mans servant

But with disobedience came consequence

The symbol of freedom shot in the chest

He must have thought of those very words when he took his last breath

Fast forward 46 yrs and some are still opressed..

Mahatma Ghandi said that an eye for and eye will leave us all blind

Who knew he would be killed by his own kind

Murderd at the age of 79

30 Janaury 1948

On his nightly strole , they sealed his fate

He restrained from all form of violence

Preaching peace and equality, one shot left all of India in complete silence..

Martin Luther King said that he had a dream

But behind closed doors they where plotting and evil scheme

Adressed racial differences, far from obscene

Marched, consulted and pleaded

Words to the masses, they should have heeded

Struck down and though his people bled

Dragged through the streets and left for dead

And even if their eyes were dry from all the tears they had shed

He advices them to turn the other cheek

Followed the teachings of Ghandi, speak..

Murderd at the age of 39

With that, the dream turned in to a nightmare, an evil crime

4 april 1968..

Tupac Amaru Shakur said if you dont have something to live for

Then find something to die for

He adressed the wealthy and spoke for the poor

But they grew weary and wanted to settle the score

Cuz he wasn't just a rapper more of a revolutionary

People were primary the goverment was secondary

Socialy aware, at this time this was very rare

Murderd at the age of 25

Never will there be another rapper more vigilant and live..

13 september 1996

Just another black man caught up in the mix...

See Im old enough to know there aint no justice

Do you really want to fight for freedom, knowing what the price is ?

Ismail Mopreme

Copyright © 2010

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