Friday, October 8, 2010

I Wish Mr President…

I Wish Mr President…

You would listen to each resident

That lives in misery

United are the states? I was told by history

Unity is a utopian dream, there is only segregation

Faith, race and origin determines your destination

I Wish Mr President…

You would see your skin colour is not relevant

Do something for your people and stay away from others

Don't chase Muslim men, every man has grieving mothers

The jury found him not guilty of any murder

Why was he dragged to the Bay of Pigs and further

I Wish Mr President…

You would be more persistent

Listen to your people and the whistle in the wind

The wind of change you promised, just to give a hint

Any change, hopefully in the course of time

We hope it won’t bring along, a wave of crime

I Wish Mr President…

Won’t see pink elephants

In contrast to his fellow man

Alcohol and drugs, life is not going according to plan

What to do, they are left to their own device

When it came to luck, they didn’t have a slice

Dear Mr President

Social security for every state

For your citizen’s sake, don’t hesitate

I hate to trouble you, let’s trouble hate

Justice is peace, be just, before it’s too late

Inspired by Somalia – The Nation of Poets

Pen 'N' Paper

Copyright © 2010

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