Friday, October 8, 2010

{Group poem 13 part 2} "Identity"

I came to the conclusion that I do indeed have mutable identities! It all really depends on who is interested in knowing my identity.

In order to uniquely identify myself as USA/Canadian governments need my SSN (and 2 forms of picture IDs, Driver License, green card, Passport etc …) so to them these are my official identity and all other forms Identities are irrelevant.

When it comes to my Somali family and community, they consider my “Qabiil” name and the Land that Qabiil inhabits or inhabited to really form my true identity.

However, since I am also a Muslim; my larger Muslim community considers Islam to be my True one identity.

My Creator, Allah (SWT) although have created me a Muslim from a Somali Qabiil with an American/Canadian SSN (and 2 forms of picture IDs) considers my Values, Good Deeds and how I live my life to be my True Identity that he will Know and Judge me by.

My Creator and all the others who care about Identities are all important to me; it is my responsibility then to maintain and safeguard all my Identities in all its different forms so I can present it when I am asked.

Mohamoud Osman

Copyright © 2010

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