Friday, October 8, 2010

{Group poem 13 part 1} "Identity"

Who are you

Are you who you say you are

Are you who they think you are

Let me take a minute

Close your eyes take into account a few things

My worldly possessions

My achievements in life

My failures

My sad moments

My surreal moments

My laughter

My love

My strengths and weaknesses

My attitude towards others

My outlook on life

My inspirations

My choice of friends

My decision making ability

My demeanour when life hands you a test

My believes

My vulnerabilities

My pride

My attire

These things are not me, I am not them

These are all just phases of my life

I am not your expectations

I don’t camouflage into my surroundings

I am unapologetically me

Famo A. L

Copyright © 2010

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